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Anna Plavinskaya was born In former USSR in Moscow in 1960 . Since 1989 she lives and works in USA in New York City. She studied  in Academy for Arts and Theater 1976-1980, Moscow . finished with diploma of costume designer for theater. In 1980 she studied printmaking techniques in the studio of printmaker Elya Shterengard in Moscow. Her interest in studying art techniques, history, literature of different cultures and civilizations opens wider horizons. Knowledge in Botany and Biology gives possibilities to her to execute her art works more sincere and confident. All years she is true to her favorite technique - pen and ink. Her fantastic linear puzzles are based on real trees. The structure of the tree bark, which underlies her drawings , often suggests compositions and themes of her works. The philosophical symbolism of her early art works in the mid-nineties was replaced by the period of ironic feminism. The drawings have become more figurative and the compositions multi-detailed. Emerging themes usually reflects a particular situation of the " World of Women" - sensual, political or everyday household theme that seems ironical to Anna Plavinskaya as if she laughed at herself in moments of her own life. Artworks of Anna Plavinskaya exhibited in many Countries and received the numbers of important awards and recognitions.


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